Top 4 Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis Regularly

Millions of people around the world play table tennis rightfully. It’s fun, fun, fast and also has great health benefits. Due to the low risk of injury, table tennis can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities. With regular contact, reflexes, eye-hand coordination and balance are improved, and the muscles of the central, upper and lower body bodies are toned and strengthened. It’s great to sweat and increase your heart rate, keeping your heart strong and healthy.

It’s not only a good cardiovascular exercise, but also a great aerobic exercise. As you move around the table, your heart rate increases and your body’s oxygen needs become much higher, allowing you to breathe harder, faster and deeper, which increases your lungs’ capacity. beyond the efficiency you use to reach your body faster.

Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

It is also a sport that promotes social bonds. With its friendly but competitive character, you can have fun in your local club, where you can meet new people and make lasting friendships. You can also play at home to spend more time together and bring the family together.

Health benefits by regularly playing table tennis

According to Pingpongguide, There are 4 main health benefits of Ping Pong.

1. Eye-hand coordination

The eye-hand or eye-hand coordination, as they call it, is the synchronized movement of the hand and the eye between them. Eyes work like inputs: we take the information and use our hands to control our movements.

If you play ping pong, players must move very little. To move the ball quickly within the limits, you must hit it within one second of the explosion. To succeed perfectly, the brain must trigger a maximum of neurons.

2. Cats love reflections

Table tennis is a valuable tool to increase the speed of your reflexes. This game can reach very high speeds! In New Zealand, Lark Brandt won the fastest smash contest in the world in 2003. This ball flew at 70 mph! In professional games, the ball often reaches a speed of 58 km / h, which requires very fast reflexes to have an opportunity.

3. It is gentle on the joints.

One of the most important and probably most important benefits of table tennis is that no one is too old or too young to play table tennis, which means that table tennis does not have age limit.

There are some sports for which a person must be very flexible, but this game can be played easily, even when you are old. In fact, it is a great way to improve the strength of the arms, legs and center without stressing the joints.

4. It helps you calm down.

You must know when to get your best results and stop thinking. If you think so, it will be much easier to win the game.

This only happens when you have entered the stream. As soon as the energy in Ping-Pong has exploded, resting on a daily basis would be much quieter.

The list of benefits you can get at table tennis is long. This sport is a great way to get moving and entertained.

Is Coconut Oil a Pure Poison? As told by a Harvard Professor! #Truth?

Lately, a YouTube video got into attention where one lady says that Coconut oil is pure poison.

For example, cyanide is a poison, snake’s venom is poison – but how Coconut Oil?

Coconut Oil

This statement was made by a Harvard Professor Karin Michels, who claims the oil to be a pure poison in one of her lecture videos posted around July. Is she correct in her claims? What’s the truth behind the statement?

Is Coconut Oil a Pure Poison? As told by a Harvard Professor!

Karin says, ‘It’s one of the worst foods that you can eat’, and also all the theories concerned with the oil are “absolute nonsense”.¬†

As per one survey made by the New York Time, almost 70% of the Americans believed that coconut is really good for the health. Whereas, only 37% of the nutritionists voted up for the oil.

This clearly showed that people may be not aware of the facts, and there’s confusion regarding it.

While Coconut oil is good for certain foods, still their long-term health benefits haven’t been proven yet.

On the other hand, the American Heart Association (AHA) Data mentioned that the coconut oil is not poison. This is because, almost 80% of the oil is in it’s saturated form – compared to the butter that has only 63%, pork lard which has a mere 39% only!

Another nutrition researcher from Cornell University stated that Coconut oil is not as bad as butter but it’s also not as good as the virgin oil.

Dr. Walter Willet, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H Chan School mentioned that Coconut oil is far better than the partially hydrogenated oils which are high on trans fat. But still, they are not as good as the unsaturated oils like the olive oil and the canola oil.

While AHA mentioned how the coconut oil is better on the skin than in the foods. They advise not to exceed the limit of 6% intake on the saturated fats. If the intake is not controlled properly, then it could increase the level of LDL which is one of the main reasons for cardiovascular diseases.

It’s important that you carry out a proper diagnosis of your body and take the right guidance on what to eat and what not to.

7 Amazing Health Changes that you need to Try Right Now!

Do you want to make some quality changes in your life?

Many of you may have tried and failed at this. The tip to be successful here is by getting started with small changes, instead of making big changes. If you try to bring a big change, then you will probably give up on it within 2-3 days. So, start with small changes!

Here I have listed out 7 changes that you can try and make your life more worthy!

Health Changes

7 Amazing Health Changes that you need to Try Right Now!

Keeping the World Health Day in check, make sure that you try including at least 4 tips from the 7 points listed below. They are as follows:

#1 Drink more Water

You don’t know how much good you do to your body by drinking water. You take out all the toxins out and keep your body healthy from inside.

#2 Eat Healthy

One of the main aspects of all! If you wish to make some serious health changes this year, then try your level best on eating healthy. Say no to all the foods which come in the processed form, and even the fried food items.

#3 Concentrate on the Food you are Consuming

Indulge in the food that you are eating. Chew the food properly, and involve your mind to the aroma and taste of it. Keep yourself away from all the junk foods that only does, is harm your body. Stay Healthy and get some amazing health benefits from salt as well.

#4 Exercise is important

Yes, exercises or some form of activity is equally important just like you keep a check on what you are eating. Exercise at least 45 mins for three days in a week. Try it out for a month, and see the difference.

#5 No using Smartphones after 11 pm

Smartphones are yet another reason for the stressful minds and lack of sleep in youngsters especially. Therefore, it’s important that you give a good break to your minds by turning off all the gadgets before 11 pm. Make sure that you don’t use them after this time.

#6 Don’t skip the Breakfast

Breakfasts are mandatory. They are not meant for skipping. I could say that breakfasts remain the most important meal of the whole day. Eat the breakfast, and be active at work all day.

#7 Get a really Good Sleep

At last, we have the Sleep factor. Keep all the distracting elements away, and sleep like a Queen/King. In short, sleep as early as possible!