Our Team


Participatory Budgeting Ward 2 (PBW2) aims to broaden, deepen, and sustain public deliberation and decision making over municipal fiscal policy. By providing opportunities for residents to learn and practice skills that empower them to effect change, PBW2 will contribute to enhancing the health and resilience of Hamilton’s economy and society.


  • We will start from a commitment to improving our neighbourhoods and our city.
  • We will maintain spaces where all the diverse residents of our ward feel they have access, are respected, and can affect outcomes.
  • We will keep our process open and transparent to the public.
  • We will sometimes disagree, but we will always take time to work with and understand each other.
  • We will acknowledge inequalities of power, knowledge, time, and ability, and we will strive for equity.
  • We will respect the trust placed in us by the City of Hamilton and by our fellow residents.
  • We will adapt our means to achieve these ends.

– Henry